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A Surprising Spirit

Anticipation of summer brings memories of summers past. Two years ago on the Sunday of Pentecost, a seven-year old had her mother ask me when we would sing, "Wind, Wind" again. She remembered the constant repetition of a few songs at the children's "Joy Mass." She now claims those songs, and memories, as part of her spiritual treasury.

Never underestimate the power of memory and what our children learn in Church.

Andrew Greeley, the Roman Catholic priest who wrote serious research as well as steamy novels, wrote: "Much of the thinking and talking about religion that goes on, especially among the well-educated, assumes that religion is the doctrines you believe in and the church with which you are affiliated. But the serious research that has been done on religion in recent years suggests that the raw power of spirituality, its attractiveness, its influence, its pervasiveness, has little to do with creedal propositions and institutional affiliations, and much to do with songs and stories and ceremonies which are powerfully imprinted on one's imagination very early in life."

That's why our local parish is so much more important that the official larger church to which we belong. You may forget -- if you ever knew -- the ultimate significance of trinitarian theology (tomorrow is Trinity Sunday), but I doubt you'll forget last year's Christmas pageant and other imprinted marks of stories and songs.

That's why it's hard to say goodbye to the Rev. Will Stanley. He embodies some of the life, relationships and narrative that make Holy Innocents' who it is. He has been in the middle of hymns and stories and children and teens growing up. And so we'll miss him.

This week when we celebrate the Trinity, we'll wonder again how God is known and experienced in creation, redemption and sustaining grace.

Join us, as we hear again about God's triune nature, as we bid farewell to Will Stanley (he will preach at all of our services on Sunday) at a reception following the 10am service in the Commons, and as we anticipate new staff arrivals -- see below.

Bob Dannals


We are happy to announce two additions to the Holy Innocents’ Episcopal Church staff:

Ashaquia (Kia) Harper has accepted the position of Facilities and Special Events Associate.  Kia knows not only our building well, but also our community.  You have encountered her many times during her tenure with Mpact Services.  Kia’s skills are many and varied, and she knows her way around the office, winning awards for her contributions to the workplace.   Kia will begin working for HI in her new capacity on June 13.  

Jessica (Jess) Ruiz has accepted the position of Communications Assistant/Graphic Designer. Jess studied at The Portfolio Center and is a creative, hard-working, and organized addition to our staff.  Jess joined us on Monday, June 5.  

Please help us welcome Jess and Kia.

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Karen on Jun 9, 2017 4:15pm

So much of meaningful worship is tied to music for me. Thank you for capturing the concept of storing those memories in our 'spiritual treasury!' And welcome, welcome to Kia and Jess!