Holy Innocents' Episcopal Church


Clergy Corner

Thanks and May God Be With You

Feb 20, 2018

Dear People of Holy Innocents’, How do Valerie and I adequately tell you what is in our hearts as I write this goodbye note? How do we sum up the myriad of experiences that have been ours during this short interim period of thirteen...

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Holy Innocents’ — Making Its Mark

Feb 13, 2018

The center aisle of Holy Innocents’ is symbolic, iconic of the life-transforming events that happen there — It’s the walk of decision, of commitment, of action. While the walk in our space is not long, it is down the aisle that...

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Could this Note be for You?

Feb 05, 2018

Years ago when I answered the call to ordination, no one could have told me that I would have become a leading giver to the cause. Back then I thought merely my time and energy were my gifts to the church. Such ignorance and arrogance! I thought...

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Remembering Our Legacy

Feb 01, 2018

Agatha Christie was once part of one of those conversations about Great People Who Have Changed My Life. She offered this surprising reminiscence: I can’t recall her name, but I remember that she was short and spare and I can still see her...

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Holy Ground

Jan 24, 2018

The Holy Innocents’ campus is holy ground! In local and incarnational ways we live in the lineage of Moses when he perceived the call of God in the burning bush and realized that the ground on which he stood was deemed holy — because...

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