Holy Innocents' Episcopal Church


Clergy Corner

Homecoming and Confirmation

Sep 20, 2017

One Sunday in the spring of 1981 I went home ... to my hometown and to my home church to preach. My earliest memories of that church are also the most formative images I have of what church ought to be. When I was a little guy, I remember the...

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Fall Schedule Begins this Sunday

Sep 07, 2017

Our fall schedule of worship (8:00am, 9:00am, 11:15am, and 6pm) and Christian learning (10am) begins this Sunday at Holy Innocents Church. We are blessed with superb groups of singers, teachers, youth workers, nursery care-givers, and those who...

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An Elevator Full of Joy

Aug 30, 2017

His reputation preceded him. The day I entered a Midtown Manhattan elevator with Tony Campolo, an unconventional humorous sociologist from Philadelphia, I didn't know what to expect. The elevator was filled with serious-minded business people...

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Responding to Hurricane Harvey

Aug 28, 2017

All of us at Holy Innocents Church are thinking of and praying for the people of Texas, for the Diocese of Texas, for all those hardest hit by Hurricane Harvey, for first responders and other local, state and federal officials, including relief...

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Listening for the Real Inquiry

Aug 23, 2017

It was early on a Saturday morning. I was preparing a quick breakfast and trying not to wake my family with rattling pans before I set out on my day. I did not hear or see but rather felt a presence. "Hi, Daddy," said Mary Blair, then age 5...

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