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Fall Schedule Begins this Sunday

  • The Rev. Bob Dannals
  • Sep 07, 2017
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Our fall schedule of worship (8:00am, 9:00am, 11:15am, and 6pm) and Christian learning (10am) begins this Sunday at Holy Innocents Church. We are blessed with superb groups of singers, teachers, youth workers, nursery care-givers, and those who serve in our worship as ushers, acolytes, vergers, lay readers, chalice bearers, and members of the Altar and Flower Guilds. We also acknowledge with gratitude our greeters and Sunday Vestry volunteers. Christian formation is a lifelong odyssey for each of us. I hope that you and yours will be vital parts of this year's program.

It is said that Philips Brooks, the celebrated preacher and theologian of Trinity Church, Boston, was once asked, "Dr. Brooks, why are you a Christian?" He paused and said, "I suppose it is because of Mrs. ...." and he went on to speak of a particular person in his community whose life and faith had so influenced his own as a boy.

Christian faith has to be lived before it is taught. Faith is not a study in doctrine so much as it is being shaped by the community in which we live. It is made real for us in the stories and lives of those who believe in the living God and who venture to live by grace. Generation after generation we need that "great cloud of witnesses" of whom Hebrews speaks.

Each of us, in a Sunday School room, in an adult forum, in a youth gathering, in our homes, as we volunteer, in our offices at work, can be a person, howbeit often unawares, who lives the Christian faith into truth for someone. We gather on Sundays in worship and formation gatherings to hear and learn the story of God's people so that our lives can be shaped by the gospel and the contagion of Christian community. Then we carry it with us into the life of the world.

In our baptismal covenant we promise that by our prayers and witness we will help each child "grow into the full stature of Christ." That is the unfinished work, for ourselves and our children and grand children, to which a new year of worship and formation classes calls us. Each of you is a vital part of the enterprise, and I wish us all God's blessing in our teaching and in our learning.

Bob Dannals

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