Holy Innocents' Episcopal Church


Clergy Corner

The Joy of Giving

One of the joys of this parish is that we really do live out what the Apostle Paul calls a variety of gifts. With wonderful happenings this fall, there are any number of ways to serve. Teams doing outreach; adults mentoring children and youth; folks providing pastoral care; and, people serving in worship. In countless ways we need and we serve one another and many, many people beyond the campus of our parish.

Three biblical notions speak to this service: Disciple, witness. and steward.

Disciple is the first. The word literally means "learner," and we understand that it does not just apply to the small unnoticed band that followed Jesus in Galilee. We are all called to discipleship, to an ever deeper understanding of what it means to follow Christ. So I invite you into the opportunities of Sunday mornings at 10am and the many mid-week study groups.

Witness is the second. While most of us are not comfortable with the word or the current impressions of evangelism, we are to be witnesses, to be willing to tell what we know when called upon. Just watching how people live tells us important aspects of what they believe. Be a good role model, and while you're at it, but some of your faith experiences into words for the sake of others.

Steward is the third. The stewardship challenge asks us to decide what we will do with what we have been given. The church invites us to choose generosity and thankfulness -- joyfully.

The annual stewardship season is upon us at Holy Innocents', and the stewardship leaders and the Vestry are asking us to take some vital and important steps in our giving. Under the banner of "The Joy of Giving," we will be invited to make a significant pledge (hopefully some measure higher than last year) to the annual giving, to the day-to-day operations, ministries and outreach of this parish. We are also invited to make an additional pledge/offering to the "Debt Reduction" campaign begun over the summer. Yes, two significant pledges this fall. This is an important time in our congregational life. We want to be healthy and ready for a new rector. We want to put our financial house in order during this fall and thru next year.

This Sunday, September 17, please attend the Faith Forum and hear from our leaders about this effort AND an exciting update on the search process.

After all, it is indeed a joy to give.

Bob Dannals