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The Message of Advent

  • The Rev. Bob Dannals
  • Nov 22, 2017
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“Road rage” has worked its way into our regular vocabulary and experiences. We share stories of the idiotic things people do on the interstates around Atlanta, taking an almost perverse delight in trailing only Los Angeles for the most congested area in the country.

Like many “in” phrases, road rage gets applied to other situations. Toward our second week of travel several years ago, Valerie and I agreed that both of us were experiencing “tourist rage.” This time of year I can imagine situations of grocery store rage, pew rage (at the Christmas Pageant 3pm service), or Special Council Mueller rage. It is a term that can be seen as emblematic of our times, of the racing and rushing and frustration.

It shows why we need the messages of Advent. The upcoming season is preparatory in nature (not penitential like Lent) and it bids us to quiet down, to wait, to watch, to push “pause” more often. In a culture which encourages swallowing whole all the yule tide we can muster, Advent counsels us to do the very thing the world will do its best to prevent. There is no better time of the year to be an out-of-sync Christian than the next few weeks before Christmas.

Beginning on Sunday, December 3, Holy Innocents’ will be offering many Advent opportunities to be counter cultural, to take in the great prophesies of the coming One, to prayerfully consider God’s presence in our lives, and to relish in having a wonderful, caring community called Holy Innocents’. Please see inside this communique the array of opportunities. Also, please see the adjusted Christmas Eve service schedule for this year. It could prove to be a new winner for our special seasonal observance.

Happy Advent.

Bob Dannals