Youthwork & Ministry @ HIEC


Youthwork & Ministry @ HIEC

Youthwork & Ministry initiatives at Holy Innocents seek to accompany and support 6th- 12th grade students and their families towards active lives of faith. Through practices of worship, prayer, community, hospitality, and mission, we at Holy Innocents aspire to be a radically inclusive community where young people come to a Christian understanding of themselves and God in the world.

Youthwork & Ministry


At Holy Innocents we value the role that young people play in our community and we offer many opportunities for them to engage in the life of our parish. Our young people lead busy and challenging lives, so our youthwork and ministry initiatives seek to walk alongside them every step of the way. We offer many holistic opportunities for fun, worship, community, and outreach to the wider community of Sandy Springs and beyond.

Sundays remain the day when the Christian community gathers to worship God, be formed in the life of the faith, and support one another in fellowship and community. Each Sunday (September to May) from 10:15am to 11:00am there are opportunities for formation. Often our young people gather in the fun and flexible “downstairs” space called the Frost Youth Center. Monthly there are also added opportunities for youth to gather for fun, education, and community through “EYC”, our Episcopal Youth Community, from 4:30pm - 6:00pm (for 6th- 8th graders) and 7:00pm-8:30pm (for 9th-12th graders). On these days, worship at the 6:00pm Celtic Service serves as an intentional opportunity for all youth to worship together. We also offer a comprehensive program of preparation for those who wish to make a mature and public affirmation of faith through the sacramental rite of confirmation.

There are many other opportunities for young people to become involved in the life of Holy Innocents. These include: retreats and ski trips, opportunities to assist in our regular worship services—including serving as an acolyte, singing in the choir, and becoming a lay reader— and events to partner in mission and outreach work.