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2017 Stewardship: Giving with Gratitude

  • Lisa Van Devender
  • Oct 13, 2016
  • Category: Stewardship
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For many people, hearing the word stewardship might conjure up feelings of discomfort, perhaps anxiety, and maybe even a bit of dread. If you've experienced any of those feelings when hearing that word, you're most definitely not alone. In reflecting on my own life and experiences, I know now that I often felt an urgency to just pledge and "get it over with", and what quickly followed were feelings of guilt. As the new season of stewardship approaches here at Holy Innocents, perhaps if we allow ourselves to take this journey and be guided by grace, we may be opened up to a whole new experience of giving our gifts and resources within a spirit of gratitude, not guilt.

Undoubtedly, each of us is at a different point on our personal stewardship journey, and most of us can comfortably take maybe one or two steps at a time as we move forward in that journey. Fundamentally, it isn't all about the amount that we give—rather, it's about giving our gifts, talents, and resources in faith and gratitude to do the work that God is calling us to do. At Holy Innocents, there are innumerable ways to give that help sustain and grow this Place for Faith. In addition to our dollars, the gifts of our time and talents figure prominently in this effort.

In this church, my husband and I have both been blessed and fortunate to experience a real sense of community and belonging. It is that sense of community and connectedness that inspires me to reconsider not only the what of giving, but also the spirit in which I'm giving. I am frequently fed with gifts of spiritual food and fellowship at Holy Innocents, and for these gifts, I am grateful.

At this season of stewardship, we are called to help care for and sustain Holy Innocents through our giving. As you consider your pledge this year, I hope you will do so thoughtfully, generously, and from a place of gratitude.


Gratefully, Lisa van Devender