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2017 Stewardship: YES YES YES!

  • Nora Mcgee
  • Oct 07, 2016
  • Category: Stewardship
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Over the last couple of weeks, during Formation time, we've listened to presentations and speakers on Holy Innocents' good, forward-looking work around Mission, Hospitality, and most recently, Community. These are 3 of the 5 Rules that we as a parish have set out for ourselves, to guide our work furthering Holy Innocents as Your Place for Faith (with messages on Worship and Prayer forthcoming).

I've sat in Inglett Hall each of the last three weeks, and as I’ve heard my fellow parishioners and our clergy and guests speak, I’ve said to myself, "YES, YES, YES." YES, I want to be a part of a community with a Mission to support the front line social workers as they support the most vulnerable members of our population - young and old. YES, I want to help these first responders feel God's love, feel that they are appreciated, that they are not alone. And YES, I'm proud that Holy Innocents is accepting this Mission.

And YES, I too have felt the love and care of the Episcopal church, both this one, and the one I grew up in, when my family was vulnerable after the loss of a loved one. I know personally that Hospitality is one of the most important things a Church can offer people - a place to feel God's love and support, no matter the circumstances. And YES, I'm proud that Holy Innocents is responding to this call… looking for opportunities to extend our Radical Hospitality even further.

And YES, I'm proud to be part of this Community, that doesn't put up walls to keep ourselves in and others out, but instead looks for ways to extend our presence and God's love beyond this wonderful facility.

And YES, I fully intend to follow Becky Neese's lead and bring breakfast or lunch to the women at the local DFACS office. And YES, each Sunday I'll try to remember Margaret Boone's call for me to introduce myself to someone I don't know, and then turn and introduce them to someone I do know, doing my part to extend hospitality. But where I know I can and will make a contribution to Holy Innocents is in my annual stewardship pledge - which I can complete right now on the church website, or through a pledge card that will be mailed to my house shortly.

I love being a member of Holy Innocents and I love being here on Sunday mornings (even when my kids are driving me and everyone around me crazy). YES, this is my place for faith, and with these 5 Rules guiding our efforts, I see how my faith will grow through my participation.

But this doesn't happen just with time and talent - it takes our monetary contributions as well. With my stewardship pledge, and your stewardship pledge, and the pledges of all the many members of our parish, this place can and will contribute so much to our larger community. And YES, I'm happy to be a part of Holy Innocents and support it as my place for faith.