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Prince Bertram the Bad is a story written by by Arnold Lobel.

Mar 16, 2015

Prince Bertram the Bad is a story written by by Arnold Lobel. It is a wonderful tale of a little Prince who put spiders in soup, pulled up the roses in the royal garden and broke all of his toys. And, he always frowned. His parents and...

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A Gift of Renewal

Feb 27, 2015

As announced last fall, Holy Innocents received a grant from the Lilly Endowment to support my sabbatical this year. The Lilly Endowment provides funds for rest and renewal projects that meet their guidelines. I completed an extensive grant...

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Sanctifying Time and Space

Feb 27, 2015

Sanctifying Time and Space   So often I hear, “If I only had a little more time” or “I just need a little more space.” I must admit, I’ve said them too. In a busy world, so very over-scheduled and packed, we...

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Into the wilderness of Lent…

Feb 24, 2015

Into the wilderness of Lent… For me the most prominent image of Lent is that of a wilderness. Maybe it is because the gospel on the first Sunday of Lent focuses on Jesus’ baptism and his forty days of testing and temptation. Or maybe...

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Holy Innocents is One

Feb 04, 2015

This week, our community mourned. A senior in our school died unexpectedly, and with her death, our whole campus cried. We extend our prayers to the family of Madie Wilbanks and will continue to remember them in the days ahead. Holy...

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