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A Moving Coincidcence

Aug 01, 2013

A Moving Coincidence As I often do each summer, I attended the annual conference of the Association of Anglican Musicians. It is an organization of, primarily, musicians who work in the Episcopal Church. It is always a great week of beautiful...

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"For Faith Weekly Devotional"

Jul 24, 2013

"For Faith Weekly Devotional" This week I was asked to write Bishop Wright’s For Faith weekly devotional. He instituted this during Advent last year and if you do not subscribe already I encourage you to do so. Go to this website...

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‘So how are you liking it here?’

Jul 18, 2013

'So how are you liking it here?' Everyone asks me this question once they learn that I’m new on staff at Holy Innocents’. Reflecting on my time here so far makes me recall the words of St. Jerome, “Early impressions are hard to...

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A bit about hymns

Jun 06, 2013

Do you ever think about it? Or do you just participate, or choose not to? What are hymns, and why we do we sing them? In the book Sing with Understanding…, authors Elrath & McEskew write that a hymn is "...a lyric poem, reverently and...

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The Eucharist

May 23, 2013

“The Eucharist” is our latest video production to draw the circle wider.  It explains, invites, and proclaims new life in images of our community trusting the goodness of bread and wine blessed in Christ.  Share it widely to...

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