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A prayer for Lent, and beyond

David BrensingerA young man from an Italian family of peasant farmers, Francesco Forgione, entered the order of Capuchin Friars (of the Roman Catholic Church) at the age of 15. He lived from 1887 – 1968, and was canonized by the Pope John Paul II in 2002.

Last summer, I had an opportunity to hear a choral work utilizing a prayer long associated with Padre Pio (as he came to be called), which may or may not be of his authorship, but is one he reportedly recited daily throughout much of his life. It exists in several versions. The following is the version I heard set to music, and I offer it here for your edification and for your devotions during this Lenten season.

Do not leave me, Lord, even though You know how easily I abandon You.
I am weak, and I need You so that I may not fall.
You are my light; without You I am in darkness.
Stay with me, Lord, so that I can hear Your voice.
Stay with me; I desire to love You and to be with You always.
Come to my soul, my nest of love.
Come to me, Jesu, for the day is ending. Eternity approaches. I need You.
I fear the darkness and the danger. It is getting late.
Let me see You in the breaking of the bread, the bread and wine that sustain me. Joy of my heart.
I do not deserve You; but stay with me, Jesu.
I look for You alone, Your love, Your grace, Your heart. I love You and seek to love You more and more. I seek to love You for ever and ever.

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