Holy Innocents' Episcopal Church


From the Staff @ HIEC

A Time to Trust: Something Holy, Something Right!

JoshuaCaseAs most people know we have recently moved into our new space at Holy Innocents'. It has been a fun process full of learning what goes where and how to get to what. Not a day seems to go by that we do not learn something new or something quirky about our space and ourselves as we seek to occupy it. What is more, when answers are not readily in front of us, we often have to trust that the community knows the answer.  

Recently while wandering through the old offices I came upon a room full of people. The music and sense of the space itself was inviting, trusting even. Entering I was greeted with smiles and conversation. And then it hit me: something holy is happening here.

In the midst of these artists, there on the tabletop lay the outline of the theotokos. What once was aTheotokos hanging that marked our parish hall as nave, was being rendered anew on new tapestry with new color and new intentionality. Listening and watching person by person cut square by square (or triangle by triangle) I became convinced: something holy is happening here. This was no mere-craft project for the parish, this was icon work in the 21st century.  

When Bishop Neil Atlanta blessed our new facilities he said something like, “while we consecrate this building today for use, this congregation, this community, all of you will spend the next many years making it holy by your use.”

Theotokos3Standing in the midst of this room full of parishioners doing holy work, I was reminded that all the work we do in and for this community is the work of the church. What is more, all of this work is part of the practice of making Holy Innocents come alive, a new, for today.  

Over the course of the last several weeks we have had the opportunity to experience our theotokos returning to our common space. She has marked our lives, calling us to bear witness to the dreams which God has planted in Theotokos2us. As we prepare to enter the season of Advent, we as a parish are also invited to explore more fully what other parts and places of our common life invite us to trust Holy Innocents (and one another) as a place for faith. As the artists who helped imagine our new rendition will tell you, they didn’t know exactly how the theotokos was going to turn out, but as time passed, they trusted the process, each other, and God enough to take up the endeavor.

Be awake my friends, something holy is happening at Holy Innocents’ Episcopal Church. And, whether you know it or not, whether you can trust it or not, you are a part of it.

Trust in God, trust in others, trust your part in this place for faith!

Joshua Case