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A Tower for the Children

Next week something spectacular will rise from the ground at the front entrance of the church : The Tower of the Holy Innocents. Rising some 64 feet from the ground and surrounded by columbarium spaces, this Tower is the work of Andrew Crawford, a son of this parish who is now an iron sculptor, and Tom Ventulett, our “resident architect.” It will mark our parish as a beacon of hope for generations to come.

A tower was part of the original building design from 2011 but was eliminated due to expense. Last year, a family in our parish stepped forward with a gift to make a tower possible, and through their hard work, seven additional families gave to make this dream a reality. Interestingly, over one-third of the costs of the tower and columbarium were funded by community members who do not attend Holy Innocents but who believe in our mission.

The Tower of the Holy Innocents is not a monument. It is a statement of our purpose. Because the columbarium will be dedicated to children who die at the hands of violence, the literal Holy Innocents of Our Day, it will be a sacred statement to the entire metro area that children matter. Working with the Diocese of Atlanta, policies governing which children are eligible for free burial are currently under consideration.

The Tower will house three bells, providing what is traditionally called a “peal.”   One bell is from our original church downtown, tracing its roots back to the late 1800s. The other two bells are from Verdin Bell Company. The bells will ring for the first time at the Easter Vigil, Saturday March 26. Thereafter, they will ring on Sundays, at funerals, weddings, and other special times.

Join me in expressing gratitude for the leadership that makes the Tower of the Holy Innocents possible and for the proclamation it will clearly make to our entire metro area.

Grace and peace,

The Rev. Michael R. Sullivan


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Patricia Rhoden on Mar 6, 2016 6:08pm

A great gift for these children. God bless Holy Innocents.