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Carving for Holy Week

Christopher Cole2"All my own experience has been that of the writer who believes, again in Pascal's words, in the 'God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob and not of the philosophers and scholars.' This is an unlimited God and one who has revealed himself specifically. It is one who became man and rose from the dead. It is one who confounds the senses and the sensibilities, one known early on as a stumbling block. There is no way to gloss over this specification or to make it more acceptable to modern thought. This God is the object of ultimate concern and he has a name. "

I offer this excerpt from Flannery O’Connor’s work “Mystery & Manners” as food for thought as we prepare for the final stretch of this Lenten season.  A stretch, which is accompanied by increased activities and seemingly protracted lives, as days creep longer into the evening.  In the blink of an eye, before we realize it, work carries on for a few extra hours, practices lengthen with extended light, evening adventures seem to pop up, dinners linger later into the evening (assuming you are able to sit down for one), and the list goes on and on.  While all of these opportunities are welcomed and are in fact good, it is quite easy to lose sight of Lent and the arduous work of self-examination, which can escape us all too readily.  So I wonder: what is drawingCCole 1 - Untitled you away from the journey you set out on four weeks ago? 

How has this gift from the church (the season of Lent) thus far inspired you to deepen your sense of self, to deepen your love for others, to deepen your discovery of our God?

Ccole 2 - Untitled2The story we are about to enter as the Body of Christ in Holy Week is one of a catastrophe of epic proportions.  It is one that will confound our senses and sensibilities, but will ultimately take us deeper into life as we know it, if we take the time to walk the strenuous road.  I hope that everyone will take advantage of this opportunity, carving time into his or her schedule to rediscover the One who is the object of our concern.