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Christus Rex

  • The Rev. Grady "Buddy" Crawford
  • Jul 28, 2016
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Just inside Christ Chapel above the door is a new cross, given by the Intercessory Prayer Group to the glory of God and in memory of Charlie Smith. This addition is a Christus Rex (Christ the King), a crucifix that depicts the risen Christ in front of a cross. Some of the earliest representations of the crucifixion show Christ on the cross, body erect and with arms outstretched, often wearing Eucharistic vestments rather than a loincloth.

Our Christus Rex portrays several concepts: the historic event of the crucifixion, Christ reigning over God’s kingdom with crown upon his head, and Christ as the victorious sacrifice in the Eucharistic feast.

Please stop by the chapel to see this beautiful addition to our worship space.