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Congratulations to Zack

  • Wynn Henderson
  • Mar 13, 2014
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Dear HIEC Families,

I know you all join me in being joyful and thankful for Zack. As much as it pains us to lose him, I can think of no person better suited or better deserving of the rectorship of Our Saviour - many kudos and congratulations to Zack.

As with all changes this one brings grief and uncertainty, but it also gifts us with much opportunity. We have been, and continue to be, working very diligently to continue creating a wonderful Children’s Formation Program here at Holy Innocents. Researching new curricula and organizing lots of fun events is at the top of the list, including the forthcoming Easter Egg hunt and the parish picnic. We are thick in the throes of planning VBS, summer camps, and a pool party. Moreover, we will be redecorating, painting and fluffing up the children’s area.

We welcome all of your help, opinions, contributions, and ideas. One of our goals is to designate each room for a specific purpose (theater, kitchen, art, and a 4th/5th grade room). Some specific ‘wish list’ requests are for artists to help design and execute hallway murals, interior designers/decorators to help make plans and select colors for each room, a large tv or projector and screen for a theater room, a kitchen (do any of you know contractors who may be renovating a kitchen and have an old one to spare?), a builder to help install the kitchen and build seating/steps for the theater room, new flooring, paint, and of course, labor.

We are also looking for 2-4 teachers to commit to the 4th and 5th graders for the upcoming year. We have found a really exciting curriculum that is designed just for them and we are designating a specific room for them and the program. We think that this will be an excellent way to keep the children engaged prior to their transition into the youth program. A large tv and dvd player would be welcome for this room as well. We will need teachers for our other kids but are not asking for a yearlong commitment—but would be really happy if you decided to offer that!!

Spring is always an exciting time and as you can see we have been doing a lot of dreaming and planning over here. Please share your dreams and thoughts for the children with us and let’s all roll up our sleeves to make them a reality.

So many thanks to all of you for all you do!! It is a gift to be working with you and your children.