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Dismantling Racism: Living Water

We Belong to One Another: Living Water

This week we will begin discussing Bryan Stevenson’s Just Mercy. Your group leaders will be prepared to facilitate discussion among you. We will also hear from Pilgrim Mary Marvin Walter.

A Reflection from Pilgrim Janet Clark:

“As the bus rolls toward town, we see the flat, sandy, countryside where brave people marched before us. The grass along the edge of the road looks worn and ragged like any other Southern roadway. It seems tired. We are actually here, in the very spot! I can hardly believe it; it seems surreal. Here – here is a town where murder and hate turned the soil into the now holy ground where we stand. The jail where Jonathan Daniels was held looks rusty and suffocating. Hundreds of us stand in awe before the storefront where Jonathan took the bullet intended for 17-year-old Ruby Sales.


We hear that all they wanted that hour was to buy a cold drink after their surprise release from the jail around the corner. It was August in Alabama, and they had been in jail six days. It’s hot, so hot now that I need fluids from one of the waiting ambulances. The EMTs are local, their accents thick. They are welcoming and jovial. I wonder what they think of the pilgrims come again to memorialize the shameful past of their town. I’m in the air conditioning now, and I have something cool to drink. I lay back my head and imagine the opposite – Jonathan and the other civil rights workers in jail – the heat, the wretched food, the cold drink they never got, the beatings and lynchings that brought them to Alabama, and the justice he wanted for others so freely given to me.”