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From the Staff @ HIEC

Earn your PhD in Prayer (with the Moms of Holy Innocents’ School)

“True, whole prayer is nothing but love.”
– St. Augustine

So many people tell me that they don’t know how to pray. I believe that they think that there must be a special formula for talking with God. They wonder if, perhaps, there is some secret decoder ring that one needs in order to talk with God.

This is why praying regularly is so important. By praying often, you will begin to realize that God has equipped each of us with all we need to pray. We simply need a heart that yearns for a relationship with God.

One of my favorite prayers is a Sufi prayer, “All I have to offer you is the capacity to be filled by you”. It’s that simple. Open your heart to the possibility of being in relationship with your God, and you will be filled in ways you never expected. “Fall in Love, stay in love, and it will decide everything.” (Pedro Arrupe, SJ)

Open your heart, and you, too, can become a doctor of prayer. 

I’ve been praying with several moms from Holy Innocents’ Episcopal School for the last semester. Every first Tuesday of the month, we have gathered in Christ Chapel for an hour at 8:15am. The moms started it, and I’m just tagging along. They’ve taken a break for the summer, but will be back in full force when school begins. But prayer doesn’t stop just because it’s summer. Prayer can happen anywhere. So this summer, pray at the beach, at the mountains, on vacation, at home on those lazier mornings, and this coming fall, think about joining us whenever you can. All are welcome. All that you need is a heart full of love.