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Follow-up to Parish Forum

Follow-up to Parish Forum

Thank you for your love and commitment to your church home.  The conversation was robust and welcome.

As a church family, we are all heading toward the same destination, but may take different routes.  Beneath it all, we look for engagement with one another. 

So, we have talked about how we best engage with one another.  We had this conversation through a survey, as well as a focus group, and open forum. 

Almost 150 people answered the survey. We held a focus group to discuss issues regarding liturgical service styles and times, as well as service projects. Then we conducted an open forum to discuss some of these same issues. There were over 125 people involved in these discussions, with some overlap between the two groups. 

Putting it all together, we have learned the following:

•    Parishioners like the idea of service projects, but not necessarily for weeks on end. Rather, they would like to see them intermittently throughout the year and perhaps tied to special times of the year.
•    Parishioners would like to see some service projects take place outside of the church.
•    Parishioners would like to see Faith Forum take different forms.  For instance, rather than always using the talk show format, they would like to have small group discussions on occasion. They also would like multiple offerings.
•    Parishioners are almost unanimous in their belief that the 9:00 and 11:15 services should NOT be combined.  This is due to schedules and times of services, as well as the population at the service and style of liturgy.
•    Parishioners are deeply committed to youth and children’s formation, as well as to outreach.

Another point was eminently clear. This community is a family, and when people can’t see one another, they said that they lose some of that feeling.  It was mentioned by more than one person that long times between the two services have prevented them from feeling the connections that they have with one another even if it is just passing and saying hello as people leave one service and arrive for another.  

The discussions we had evince the love that this Body of Christ has for all of its parts.  We are thankful.  

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Phyliss Brassey on Aug 15, 2015 10:07am

I was away and could not attend.
Very happy with above observations and especially for not combining those two services.