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From the Staff @ HIEC

Little Steps of Hope

RowanI have recently experienced an exhilarating moment in fatherhood (the parental sort!). My nearly one-year-old son, Rowan, decided it was time to brave taking a few steps. Fortunately it happened in the context of mom and dad standing on the front lawn together.
He bravely stood his ground as I removed my pinky finger from his tightly clinched fist. He bent his knees, lowered his torso, rose back up, and took a step. My jaw dropped. He took another step. I glanced up at Amy; I think we were both holding our breath in astonishment. Seven steps later he arrived into mom’s arms and was greeted with a gleeful kiss.
What a courageous gesture in such a little body. It was filled with hope and promise. Since then he has taken many more steps and we have watched him fall onto his diaper-cushioned-bottom, but he does not lose heart.
On many levels a baby’s steps resemble our life in Christ. Our plunge into Baptism starts the journey. If we think through what it is we profess as Christians we must recognize the courage and commitment it takes to step foot into the world following the way of the Prince of Peace. Our steps in faith along the way are just as brave as Rowan’s on the front lawn; they dare to say “I stand for hope.” Our steps announce that the beauty of God in Christ will save the world. Do we stumble and occasionally fall? We know it all too well. But the Good Shepherd will not allow us to be snatched out of his hand. Keep walking. Your steps bring hope. The world needs our courage.