Holy Innocents' Episcopal Church


From the Staff @ HIEC

My Ordination

Dear Holy Innocents Family,

I am very excited to write to you with the news of my ordination. This has been such a deepening process to go through as a family and as part of this community.

The word call has always been a funny concept to me. It’s one of those words that seems to carry this magical if not mythical power- like something that one hears from a voice in the sky or from a strange man behind a curtain. Yet what I have come to discover about this word call, and it’s subsequent synonym vocation, is that in fact, it is one of those things that is far from other, far from magic. Call is something that you discover not in isolation but in community with those who support, pray, and live right along side you.  

Through the course of this mutual process of discernment (with you and the Diocese), I have come to understand my vocation to ordained ministry not as something that is merely external or internal, but as a part of my dance of becoming fully human, fully alive. Over the course of the last couple of years, I have never been so challenged to be more human or more me than when trying to live into my sense of being called to this vocation in parish life, in community with you, and yes, even as husband and father.  

I look forward to the ways we will continue to discern how I may best live into my vocation among you and how you can continue to live into yours. The discovery of gifts needs community, and I am glad to have you as that for me. Indeed, I pray that as we grow into our common vocation as a parish active in the world, we will not only discover how to best follow Christ, but how to be a community that is fully alive to God’s work in the world.

Please join me on December 21, 2013 at the Cathedral of St. Philip for our service of Ordination at 10am. This ordination service is open to the public and will include ordinations for deacons and priests from the Diocese.

Plotting goodness-

-Joshua Case-