Holy Innocents' Episcopal Church


From the Staff @ HIEC

My Pilgrimage to Sewanee

JoshprofileIt’s an early drive on Tuesdays, but it is a journey worth taking. Hitting the road at 5:30am I make my way through the barely lit concrete pathways of Atlanta towards roads better-cut through the mountain rocks of Tennessee. As my car crests outside of Chattanooga, the bright morning sun casts its beams across the road so blindingly that even the deer who parade on the frayed edges of the gravel do not see me coming.

Sewanee is near.

My journey to Sewanee on Tuesdays and Wednesdays this autumn have been a gift in disguise. At the very least my classes have been energizing and formative, my colleagues interesting and Episcopal, and my professors gracious and inspiring. As part of my ongoing process, God willing, towards ordination, my time in Sewanee has gifted me with fodder and narrative for the journey to come.

One thing which I did not expect on this journey was to be reminded of just how pilgrim a people we Christians are. Life at the intersections of journey with others is what the life of faith is all about. Sitting in the seminary chapel in prayer with my colleagues- faces known, unknown, and yet to know, I am faithfully at home. Driving from darkness to light, I am reminded God is always near. Reading old church documents in well-worn chairs of a library, I am aware we have a powerful history within which to live.

Friends, I am thankful for your prayers and support of Laura, Gavroche and I during this time of journey and discovery. We are excited to be a part of the community of faith called Holy Innocents’. Thank you for your prayers for our common life at HIEC and thank you for being pilgrims at home with us on the Way.

-Joshua Case-