Holy Innocents' Episcopal Church


From the Staff @ HIEC

Parish Financial Update



Actual Budget Actual Budget
Revenues $ 915,211 $ 954,565 $ 886,073 $ 997,661
Expenses $ 1,221,377 $ 1,176,384 $ 1,202,471 $ 1,204,030
Net ($ 306,166) ($ 221,819) ($ 316,398) ($ 206,369)

Dear Parishioners,

Above are the figures of the parish operating fund through the month of August, 2016. This update is to provide you with the financial figures for year-to-date 2016 as compared to the same time period in 2015.

As the summer months have ended in 2016, revenues are slightly below budget by approximately 4.2% and expenses are above budget by approximately 3.8%. In 2015, revenues were approximately 12.2% below budget in the same time period. So, revenue improvement from last year was accomplished!

With that in mind, there was an increased emphasis to the parish earlier this year to consider paying the church earlier in the year than has been practiced in the past. As a result of this effort, the church is thankful to those that heard the message to reduce the church’s borrowing on the line of credit, primarily during the summer months. For that, we are most thankful!

When looking at the figures, you can see that the church runs a deficit throughout most of the year until the months of November and December. This is not uncommon for a church, knowing that parishioners pay more attention at year-end as the holidays near. Just so you know, your contributions to the church are most appreciated and needed to fulfill church payables.

In closing, I’m pleased to report that the church has entered into another agreement with a low-cost broker for those that wish to make a stock donation. This action will reduce transaction fees associated with such a donation. I have heard from several parishioners and wanted you to know that this has been resolved. I hope that this action will encourage you to make a donation to the church that meets your intention. Thanks to all for your financial support of this incredible church.


Respectfully Submitted,

Rick Shunnarah