Holy Innocents' Episcopal Church


From the Staff @ HIEC

Presbyters Conference 2015

Earlier this week, your clergy were together at the annual meeting for all the other priests/presbyters of our Diocese. This time has always been an important one, but particularly this year.

Our Bishop Rob Wright continues to implore us to be more authentic and visionary in our vocation, and in challenging our parish to be an authentic community, not a pseudo-fellowship.

We shared the journey to Jackson to pray at the execution of Kelly Gissendaner. It will take us quite a while to understand and discern all that we experienced together.

We have been challenged to ask: what challenges our parish and whose responsibility is it? Our Bishop is clear that the laity must be challenging one another to step more boldly into the life of Jesus and that the ministry of the church is not just him and priests.

We have also discerned how God is calling us outward. Where are we called to go and love the world? The Bishop challenged us to ride along with police, fire, or EMS personnel to take our presence to the community (And we are thankfully already doing this).

And most of all, our Bishop affirmed that The Episcopal Church has much to offer. Our Book of Common Prayer is applicable to all contexts in the world. It is not an addendum to it; it is our common, shared expression of God coming among us in the midst of life and finds life when we take it to the world with the Good News of Jesus.

Your clergy left on Wednesday with a deep thanksgiving for our Diocese, our Bishop, and the shared ministry we have with you, the people of Holy Innocents.


Grace and Peace to you all,
The Rev. Michael R. Sullivan