Holy Innocents' Episcopal Church


From the Staff @ HIEC

Profile & Search Update

A milestone has been reached: The parish profile is completed and the search is now live!

With the input of the parish, the profile committee produced a beautiful profile that was approved by Bishop Wright and is currently posted for candidates to review.

Click HERE to view the profile posted under the "Our Search" button on our website.

The Diocese of Atlanta is receiving applications from interested candidates and will give them to the Nominating Committee by the end of October. Then the Nominating Committee work begins with resume’ reviews, interviews, visits and finally a slate being offered to the Vestry for consideration and ultimately a call.

This Sunday at the Faith Forum at 10:15am, we will provide an update of the process with a timeline to this point as well as going forward based on estimations from the Diocese.

We offer deep gratitude to our parish family for your participation, support, interest and energy. We already knew the Holy Innocents’ had deeply devoted members, but this process underscored that belief even more. With God's hand on our search, we look forward to our future together.

Howard Clark  Profile Committee co-chair
Karen Calhoun  Profile Committee co-chair
Jeannie Longley  Nominating Committee Chair
Chris Protos  Nominating Committee Vice Chair
Elaine Morgan  Senior Warden
Marie Thomas  Junior Warden