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Reflections on Vestry Retreat 2016

What do you believe God is daring HIEC to be in 2016?

That is a question the Vestry was asked to pray about in advance of our retreat last Friday and Saturday. Our answers were spoken from the heart as well as the head, but with God at the center of all. As Michael shared at the onset of our retreat, the role of the Vestry is to seek the will and the calling of God for Holy Innocents’ versus serving as constituency representation. And I believe that calling was reflected in our answers and our work together over the weekend.

The logistics of the retreat included the use of index cards which held our thoughts and ideas and which were sorted into piles that became the basis of small group work. We shared, discussed, and culled the many ideas into categories for review and consideration. It was productive and insightful and time well spent.

However, Sharing Compline, morning prayer and Eucharist underscored that our gathering together was for God’s glory and not just for business and planning. Each moment of prayer together filled me joy and love for the opportunity to serve in this role.

There’s a closing scene in the 1980’s classic movie The Breakfast Club in which the participants of Saturday high school detention claim their identities as determined by society. To model that, I could say, “we are bankers, lawyers, communicators, mothers, fathers, sons and daughters”. But in this capacity, we are more than that. We are members of the Body of Christ. Through prayer, discernment and service, we trust that our efforts will be looked upon with favor for the good of Holy Innocents’ and the community as a whole.


Comments (2)

Nancy Warner on Feb 27, 2016 11:38am

Interesting agenda and philosophy but what action plans were proposed or initiated? I do than for your time and service to Holy Innocents.

Don Bell on Feb 27, 2016 2:59pm

part of our role as parishioners is to pray for our Vestry...we will.