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Special Announcement From HIEC

Dear People of The Holy Innocents:

With the deepest of mixed emotions and feelings, I announce that I have accepted the call to be the next President of Kanuga, a national Episcopal camp and conference center, in Hendersonville, North Carolina.  
As I write these words, I am taken back to our first Sunday together just over seven years ago.  I preached about outstretched hands, sharing in our new calling.  Who could have imagined all that you would do, all that Jesus would call you toward in this time together! 
We built a new facility, renovated our nave, and launched into a new era of ministry.  Stewardship for capital and annual program grew, membership increased, and our programming took us in new and dynamic directions.  A feeling of can-do-ness began to pervade our shared life together.  We reached horizons few of us could have imagined.
I am proudest of how our name became our beacon and guidepost.  Reaching out in new and inspiring ways, we saw children at risk from the King Herods of today and began to boldly go forth to carry the mission of Jesus to those the world often forgets.   There is far, far more work to dare in this mission, but I know you will boldly accept God’s call to it. 
Ties between HIES and HIEC grew closer, and our School entered a new era of outstanding leadership as the largest K-12 Episcopal school in the United States.  Vestry and School Board began to strategize about our future together, seeing our oneness as a challenging yet precious gift. 
We baptized children, watched them grow, shared joy at weddings, and tears at funerals.  We walked into hard days when life made little sense and we danced in laughter when life was joyous. 
In other words, in getting to know one another, in seeing each other’s outstretched hands at the altar week after week, we glimpsed heaven and worked toward the kingdom.
I am sad to leave, and yet, I feel that I have fulfilled my call.  God desires new leadership in your next rector, that woman or man God already knows who will help you envision even bolder horizons of the Gospel for this amazing Place for Faith.  Bishop Wright and his team will work with your vestry to provide a seamless transition, and because of our good clergy and staff, along with all of you, things will continue to go beautifully and joyously.  This is one of The Episcopal Church’s great parishes and your reputation is national in scope.  God has even brighter things planned for this amazing place!  I know it!
Page and I, along with Mattie and Jack, thank you for loving us.  We have loved you and will continue to do so.  We covet your prayers; we need them. My last Sunday will be October 23, although I will be in the office through the end of that month. 
Keep being you.  You are an incredible and blessed people.  I have been deeply, deeply honored to serve as your rector.  I love you very much. 
Grace and peace,

The Rev. Michael R. Sullivan

Comments (5)

Elaine on Sep 1, 2016 2:48pm

Michael, I do not have enough words to thank you for all that you have given to us since you arrived. All the best in this new chapter.

Geoffrey and Diane Dear on Sep 2, 2016 11:29am

We are of course so sad to see you go but what a wonderful place to move on to ! Diane and I have been truly fortunate to have been touched by your leadership during your time at Holy Innocents and we wish you and your family every happiness in your new role.

Carolyn on Sep 2, 2016 6:10pm

Carolyn Yost I knew it would happen sooner or later, but we are never ready to let go, what a blessing you have been. I remember John Porter telling the "lunch and learn" group that the call had been made and we were getting a new priest. We all just sort of groaned and said "not again ". But you came (a gift from God) and led us on a spiritual jourñey that I will not forget. THANK YOU JESUS

Marye Fincher on Sep 5, 2016 12:33am

You came to us, Michael, when we really needed you. It breaks my heart to see you go. Thank you so much for all you have done for this church and for me personally.

Nan Moss on Sep 10, 2016 11:53am

Michael Sullivan, you are truly a Renaissance Man; versatile and expert at so many endeavors. Kanuga is privileged to have you accept the call for their Presidency; the time is perfect and as you said you believe your work at HI is done. Thank you for everything, Michael, and know that we all love you and will miss you terribly. God Speed!