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Stewardship and Capital Campaign Thanks

Dear Parish Family,

I want to thank all of you for the extraordinary support that you are showing to our parish.  There is a spirit of can-do-ness permeating our parish’s life and in no place is that more evident that in recent results from our Capital Campaign and Stewardship.

Of the money pledged to our building in 2011-2016, less than $160,000 remains to be paid.  Of those remaining pledges, our parish stewards have responded that they intend to fulfill their pledges — an exciting and life-giving fact.  When those funds are completed, we will have collected close to, if not greater than, 100 percent of the pledges to the campaign.  Amazing!  

This summer, building plaques, room memorials, and thanksgivings will begin to appear.  We are in the final stages of proofing those.  We look forward to this next step in the life of Building the Body of Christ for Ministry!

At the same time, our parish has been incredible in its support of our annual stewardship.  Over the last eight years, we have seen our annual giving increase over 12 percent.  Nationally, very few parishes can claim this increase; we have every reason to celebrate, especially when one considers capital giving during that same time period.  Under the careful leadership of our Finance Committee and Vestry, we have been able to efficiently manage a large facility while also expanding some of our programming.

Are there still challenges?  Indeed.  The culture of stewardship is changing rapidly, not just at Holy Innocents but throughout the church and in philanthropy in general.  We are striving to operate a large facility effectively while not allowing that expense to drive our budget.  We want our mission to drive all that we do!  If we are to reach the potential that God is calling us toward, we will have to expand how we fund ministry as well as expand the scope of how we understand church stewardship.  We will likely need to add text giving and other forms that appeal to younger generations while also continuing to build and teach the importance of pledging.  

To that end, our stewardship team for 2017 is about to begin its good work, preparing for our next steps.  Jim Petty, Karl Welsher, Will Perry, Robin Perry, Katherine Gray, Julia Worthy, Thomas Worthy, Michael Broom, and Lisa van Devender have all agreed to work as a team to help our parish take next steps for mission and ministry.  Please pray for their good work as they discern how God is calling us over the next year.  

God is able to do so much among us. Nothing will be possible without you — the people of God at Holy Innocents.  You are an amazing family who give themselves to the Good News of Christ in this amazing Place for Faith.   Thank you for you and for your life-giving spirit in all that we do.

Grace and peace,

The Rev. Michael R. Sullivan+

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Alice Ball on May 25, 2016 4:47pm

The news about the final wrap up of the capital campaign is indeed gratifying, especially since the "experts"suggested that we should "discount" pledged gifts by a whopping 30%! To end with essentially 100% of pledges fulfilled as made is blessing indeed. Thank you everyone for your faithfulness.