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Thank You For Being You!

Thank You For Being You!

Dear fellow parishioners and friends-

Over the course of the last several weeks I have been amazed to watch our parish and diocesan network move and act in ways that are generative and responsive. While regional and international crises are always an easier option to mobilize people to action, our networked ecology has enabled us to meet real need in real time.

First, the Syrian refugee crisis presented a real opportunity for us to engage in local action with IRC-Atlanta. I'm happy to report, through donations from individuals from HIEC, a few partner parishes, and the generosity of the Fitzgerald Foundation, the needed $47,500 has been raised for a staff position in Atlanta. We should celebrate this heartily!

Second, the flooding this week in South Carolina stranded over 200,000 people without water. In less than 24 hours, our diocesan parishes responded providing over 300 cases of water to be taken to South Carolina. When combined with the hundreds of cases brought by families from Holy Innocents’ Episcopal Church and School, we have begun to meet the regional need of our brothers and sisters in South Carolina. This morning, more water kept on arriving! Thank you, thank you!

While I know that all needs can't always be met with such swiftness, I am certain of this: together we are better than we are apart. This is what it means to be a parish (or even a diocese) that loves like Jesus. Thanks to our technological mediums such as Facebook, Twitter, text and good ol' fashioned phone calls, we have the capacity to make a lasting impact in the lives of our friends and neighbors in real time. I hope that we will continue to use all mediums to mobilize one another to faithful action. And I hope, rather I pray, that the kingdom of God will be even more enacted through our capacity to act justly through mobilizing ourselves to compassionate action.

Keep telling your stories friends. Mark your calendars for October the 18th and make your reservations today!! And please, let's keep working together for the kingdom!


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