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From the Staff @ HIEC

The Life that Gives Life

There is great evidence in the resurrection narratives that there was an emerging transformation as Jesus' community began to encounter the risen Lord. Like a developing wave, the news first elicited fear and trembling, then jubilation and triumph. The poet Dylan Thomas stated it right:

       "Light breaks when no sun shines;
        Where no sea runs.
        The waters of the heart
        Push in their tides."

On Easter, the waters of the heart, in Thomas' image, are no wave on an inland lake, but a sea-tide, oncoming. "Christ Jesus was crucified," said the Apostle Peter, "but God raised him up, having loosed the grip of death because in was not possible for him to be held dead by it." (Acts 2:23f.)

I believe that although the two disciples did not recognize Jesus on the road to Emmaus, Jesus recognized them, and he saw them as if they were the only two people in the world. And that's a primary reason why the resurrection is more than just an extraordinary event which took place some two thousand years ago and then was over and done with is that, even as I write these words and you read them, he also sees each of us like that. In this challenging and needy world where people see so little because of unrecognizing eyes, the risen Christ sees each person as if she or he were the only person on the planet. And because he's the one who has life to give, we are the fortunate recipients of receiving the gift of new life on this side and the other side of heaven. In this gift, the risen Christ offers us, as he did to the two at Emmaus, the bread of life, new hope, new vision, new resolve.

Once beyond the immediate drama of Easter Day, the Apostles began to ask, "What's next?" The challenge of how to remain responsive became important as they were sent to Galilee and beyond.

The Easter season is a time for Holy Innocents' Church to ask with those early Apostles, "What's next?" Obviously, we're asking this question in the midst of the search for a new rector. But in so many other ways, we are bid to inquire for ourselves and this parish. During the Easter season, beginning next Sunday, April 23, the clergy will lead a Sunday morning (10am) Faith Forum on "Practicing Resurrection."

Join us Saturday, April 15 for the Easter Vigil at 8:30pm, tomorrow for Easter Sunday (see the service schedule above) and for the Faith Forum series throughout the season.

On behalf of the Wardens, Vestry, clergy and staff, I extend to each of you best wishes for a joyous and renewed Easter.

Bob Dannals