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The Tower of the Holy Innocents

Dear People of The Holy Innocents,

The salutation of this letter could not be more true, for today, I am happy to announce a major gift to the parish that will enable us to embody our name and carry our mission for children more boldly into the world. Thanks to a group of stewards who are providing the funding, Holy Innocents will provide burial to children who die at the hands of violence, the literal Holy Innocents of Our Day.

This group has funded the Tower of the Holy Innocents, a sixty foot tall structure that will house the bell we have from the original parish church downtown. This tower, a symbol of Christ’s resurrection, will stand to the left of the main nave entrance doors. Around the tower will be a garden and columbarium for children who meet the criteria for burial there. While details are still being worked out, we intend to work with the Diocese of Atlanta and the Commission on Human Trafficking to identify those children.  As hard as it is to say, many children and teens die at the hands of violence each year and end up in unmarked graves. By building this tower and providing a sacred place for burial, we will be claiming our name more boldly, but more importantly, becoming a beacon of hope for the entire Metro-Atlanta area.
Tom Ventulett, our building’s architect, has worked with Andrew Crawford, a son of this parish and internationally known steel artist, to design this tower and the columbarium. Because of their dedication and hard work, as well as their willingness to engage the project at cost, the tower will be an economical yet splendid testimony to who we are.Hodges and Hicks, the general contractor currently on campus to build at HIES, will assist in the project. The project will likely begin in the next several weeks and be complete by August.
I wish I could have announced this project in person before my sabbatical, but funding and final approvals were occurring literally as I prepared to leave. I am elated that such a momentous and grace-filled gift will grace our church; it really will stand as a testimony to our name and God’s claim of resurrection amidst darkness.
Our outreach continues to focus on children and our call to them. May the Tower of the Holy Innocents propel us ever deeper to those the world too often forgets.
Grace and peace to you all,


Comments (2)

Patricia Rhoden on May 22, 2015 1:46pm

This speaks so much love from Holy Innocent's. God bless this church.

Jack Porter on May 24, 2015 4:13am

Drawings of the tower PLEASE Michael this not only shows the love the members of HIEC have for their church but also the love they have for you