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Waiting For A Miracle.

The rain ended, and the rainbow appeared in the sky at 6:45pm. I know the time because I took a picture of it when I saw it; and my smartphone is pretty smart. My phone also recorded the place, and the location was called Prison Blvd. I had the privilege of standing with my colleagues, as well as strangers, as we waited for decisions, appeals, and maybe even miracles. Unlike the rainbow, the miracle for which all had hoped didn’t materialize. Waiting for any miracle was a holy experience, oddly reminiscent of sitting vigil with my mom as she breathed her last breaths. Waiting for any sort of news of clemency, successful appeals, or stays was like watching my mom’s chest rise and fall, wondering which would be the last breath. As the night wore on, fog creeping in where rain once fell, each passing breath became shallower. Each giving rise to the question of when the last one would come, signaling the end. And together, we prayed, we sang, we talked, and we waited. And God was in that place.

The Rev. Lisa M. Zaina

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J on Oct 2, 2015 11:42pm


Marcie on Nov 1, 2015 5:36pm

Poignant. I hope to see your picture.