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HI-Lights @ HIEC

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8:00 am - Holy Eucharist (Christ Chapel)
10:00 am - Holy Eucharist (Nave)
6:00 pm - Celtic Eucharist (Christ Chapel)

SUMMER BREAKFAST: Thank you to those of you who have already signed up to provide a breakfast this summer. This week’s breakfast will be provided by the Men’s Third Friday Group. Join us for breakfast in Inglett Hall at 9:00am for a breakfast sponsored by HIEC parishioners each Sunday through the summer.
Contact: Rena Stallworth

SUNDAY GATHERING: We will meet in Christ Chapel at 9:20am following Sunday Breakfast. All are welcome, even if you have missed prior sessions of this well received series. Group will reflect on a gospel lesson of the week past, pray for our church and our church family and for the services at 10:00am and 6:00pm.
Contact: Don Bell

ONLINE STREAMING: We’re streaming our services online! Over the last year we’ve begun to live stream our principal liturgies. So wherever life takes you, join us for services online at the appointed hour on Sundays. Join us in real time, or tune in any time following the service by clicking here! Spread the word, especially to those unable to be with us each week. Or view our archive of past sermons here on the Holy Innocents' website. 

CHILDREN'S CHAPEL: Children’s Chapel is held during the 10:00am service. Children (Pre-K-4th grade) will leave church during the sequence hymn to enjoy a children’s service just for them, and then return during the peace. We are looking for volunteers to help with the Children's Chapel each Sunday. For more information about how to volunteer click here.

PRAYERS OF THE PEOPLE: The prayers of the people used at morning services were written by members of the Laying on of Hands group. Laying on of Hands is offered each Sunday during our 10:00am service. Prayers may be offered for healing, thanksgiving, family members or general well being. There are two prayer stations located at the rear of the church on each side. They are accessible as you return to your seat after receiving communion. Votive candles are also available. All prayer requests are held in strict confidence.

 Find our weekly sermons here

Turning Sundays Upside Down for Children

Dear Holy Innocents Family:
I am happy to announce that one of our own, Melissa Liipfert, has accepted the call to serve as Interim Children’s Director.  Melissa, along with her husband Jeff and their children, are active members of Holy Innocents.  She grew up in the Diocese of Atlanta, was active in EYC and diocesan youth programming, including Camp Mikell, and has worked in marketing most of her career.  Melissa will begin serving August 1 and is excited to help us step forward in our program.

The Rev. Michael R. Sullivan

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HIEC Summer Office Schedule
Monday-Thursday 9:00am-4:00pm and Fridays 9:00am-3:00pm.

Christus Rex

Just inside Christ Chapel above the door is a new cross, given by the Intercessory Prayer Group to the glory of God and in memory of Charlie Smith. This addition is a Christus Rex (Christ the King), a crucifix that depicts the risen Christ in front of a cross. Some of the earliest representations of the crucifixion show Christ on the cross, body erect and with arms outstretched, often wearing Eucharistic vestments rather than a loincloth.

Our Christus Rex portrays several concepts: the historic event of the crucifixion, Christ reigning over God’s kingdom with crown upon his head, and Christ as the victorious sacrifice in the Eucharistic feast.

Please stop by the chapel to see this beautiful addition to our worship space.

THE SUMMER PARSONS TABLE LUNCH - WONDERFUL WATERMELON SUNDAY: Come and engage with your HI community at the Parson's Summer Lunch on August 21 for a Wonderful Watermelon Sunday! Watermelon and BBQ will be served after the 10:00am liturgy and you are invited to bring sides and your best Watermelon dish to celebrate Georgia Watermelon season. Reserve your spot below for $6.00 per person by clicking here. Farmer Tim will also be joining us with fresh tomatoes, fruits, oils, and veggies for sale! 

MEN OF HOLY INNOCENTS’ RETREAT: All men of Holy Innocents’ please plan to attend the Men’s Retreat, September 23 through September 25 at Falls Creek Falls State Park. This will be our first year at Falls Creek Falls. Laced with cascades, gorges, waterfalls, streams and lush stands of virgin hardwood, Falls Creek Falls State Park provides a fantastic setting for the MOHI retreat.
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Contact: John Harris

BROWN BAG BIBLE STUDY (SUMMER SCHEDULE): The Brown Bag Bible Study continues to meet through the summer on Mondays at noon in the large conference room. Each week's lesson is a stand alone unit; bring a lunch and join us when you can! Contact Betty Barstow or Karen Calhoun  with questions.

CREATE AND COMMUNE: Our next gathering will be on Friday, August 5. Bring your own creative project to work on or artfully recharge with a coloring page we supply. Drop in for any amount of time between 10:30am - 12:30pm with your sketch pad, notebook, knitting, crochet, scrapbook, or whatever creative project you can easily pack up and bring along. Nothing overly messy please. No need to pre-register.

SAFEGUARDING GOD’S CHILDREN: Are you volunteering with children or youth at HI and need Safeguarding God’s Children Training? A class will be held Saturday, October 1 from 9:00am to 12:00pm at Holy Innocents’ Episcopal Church. To register, email Caroline Fleming.
Contact: Caroline Fleming

HIEC YOUTH & FAMILIES WELCOME BACK POOL PARTY: Come and join us on Sunday, August 14 at 12:30pm for the Youth and Family Welcome Back Pool Party! The summer of 2016 has flown by and we want to invite all 6th-12th graders and their families to a pool party to celebrate the start of a new school year! Johnny and Laura Foster have graciously offered to host us at their home (and pool!) for this event.
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LaAMISTAD ESL CLASSES: LaAmistad English for Successful Living is offering classes to the community. Everyone is welcomed to attended the many English courses offered by LaAmistad ESL. Classes will start on July 25th and will finish on October 1st. Registration is on Tuesdays and Thursdays at HIEC at 6:30 pm. For more information about English classes or volunteer opportunities with our program, please contact Johanne Jean.  
Contact: Johanne Jean

EDUCATION FOR MINISTRY: EFM is a program for adult Christian formation administered by the School Of Theology at Sewanee. During a four year cycle, an EFM group reads the Hebrew Scriptures and New Testament in community, studies two millennia of church history and engages several primary texts of practical theology. Theological reflection engages the group as we consider our actions, positions, and cultural influences. If the menu looks daunting, the reality is a group of friendly, open people who bond as friends and supporters of each other in our shared imperative to be the Body of Christ in our communities. We meet Wednesday evenings of the academic year from 6:45 till 8:45, starting September 07. Please consider joining us this year.
Contact: John Donnelly  (770) 630-0400 evenings.

SUMMER CHOIR: If you can carry a tune and possess even minimal music reading ability (voice quality not withstanding), you are encouraged to sing in the Summer Choir. We meet at 9:00am on Sundays in Brensinger Hall to prepare music for the 10:00am service. Singers in High School and older are welcome. Summer Choir will begin again on August 7, 14, 21, 28, & September 4.  You’re invited to come for any or all of these dates!
Contact: Susan West



The Ventulett Art Gallery honors parishioner and architect Tom Ventulett. Curator Susan Westmoreland and her committee line up artists, continuing to make the Ventulett Gallery one of the most sought venues in our area. 


Visit the Ventulett Gallery website for more information by clicking here


VENTULETT GALLERY PRESENTS - TWELVE SIGNATURES: We are pleased to welcome The Georgia Watercolor Society. GWS is a non-profit art organization, whose mission is to promote the joy of watercolor through education, demonstrations, workshops, outreach programs and juried competitions. There are currently over 500 members. The twelve members participating in this exhibit are all members of the board of directors. Join us at the opening reception on July 14 at 6:00pm. All art is available for purchase.
Contact: Carol Johns


ROSARY FOR PEACE: On Fridays at 1:00pm in Christ Chapel a Rosary for peace is offered for all those suffering from violence and disaster around the world.  Special petitions are offered for areas torn apart by war, especially Syria. If you are not familiar with this tradition and the prayers offered, but feel called to its contemplative nature, join others from the community each week.
Contact: Craig Wilson

READING CONNECTIONS - Women’s Book Club: The book club, Reading Connections, meets monthly on the second Monday of the month in Bishop Commons at 6:00pm. All are welcome for fellowship and lively discussion. On Monday, August 8 we will be discussing “Under Magnolia: A Southern Memoir” by Frances Maye. We hope to see you there.
Contact: Nancy Binkow

WOMEN’S TIME OUT: All women of Holy Innocents’ are invited to attend Women’s Time Out on Thursday, August 18 at 7:00pm in Bishop Commons.  Please bring a light appetizer and/or a bottle of wine to share. We welcome women from ALL age groups, so please join us for lively conversation and an opportunity to meet new friends.  Hope to see you there!
Contact: Lisa Van Devender

MEN OF HIEC 3RD FRIDAYS: The next meeting will be August 19 from 7:00am - 8:15am. Coffee, biscuits, fellowship, and discussion in Inglett Hall. A different topic will be covered each month. This is a great way to connect with other guys in the parish. “What you say just might be what someone else needs to hear.”

FAB 40’s: Fab 40’s is a supper club that was started several years ago by a group of parishioners, who were all in their 40’s at the time. They meet every 3rd Saturday at 6:30pm in the Bishop Commons, and have an hour or so to socialize, eat dinner and usually end the event around 9:00pm. Anne Hutto will be hosting our next gathering on Saturday, August 20. More info coming soon.
For more information visit the HIEC website by clicking here.
Contact: Carolyn Yost

Please contact Melody McNeil with prayer requests. Names may remain on the Parish Prayer List for four weeks, and if requested are placed on the Intercessory Prayer List.

Prayers for those in need of healing:  Comfort and heal all those who are sick or who suffer in body, mind or spirit including Nina Collins; Jean-Paul Richard; Stan Saunders; Jim Didriksen; Lucie Bornholm; Ann Smith; Maidee Spencer; Chris Mitchell; Laine Parrott; Charley Corbett; Maddie Hamill; friends and family including: Ned, Bessy, and Owen Baylis, family of Elizabeth and Peter Baylis; Sawyer Josey; Helen Dixon; Ann Thompson, mother of Debbie Vaky; Ed and Mary Lou Jensen, parents of Carolyn Dwyer; Carol Tuck, sister of Jeannie Longley; Kin Craig, friend of Pat Harris; David Oates, cousin of Renee Peyton; Michael Wooten, brother of Tim Wooten; Scott Beard, husband of Bonnie Beard; Frederick William Mew, friend of Lisa Zaina; Nancy Woodward, friend of Helen Johnson; Ruth Livgren, grandmother of Laura Case; Finnley Luce, granddaughter of Anita and David Brensinger; Tammy Glenn, sister of Paula Fowler; Stephanie Haugen, daughter of Anne Hutto; and those receiving communion at home.

Prayers for those who have died: We commend to your mercy all who have died including Peter N. Mayfield;  and the Holy Innocents of Our Day, that your will for them may be fulfilled and we pray that we may share with all your saints in your eternal kingdom.

Prayers for those in service to our country: Almighty God, we commend to your gracious care and keeping all the men and women serving our nation at home and abroad including Harrison Plunkett, Jack Boger, Steven Leforge, Sean Graham and Brandon Rudder. Defend them day by day with your heavenly grace; strengthen them in their trials and temptations; give them courage to face the perils which beset them; and grant them a sense of your abiding presence wherever they may be; through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.                                                                                                                

Prayers for the marriage of Megan Elizabeth Ernst and Gregory Tipton on July 30.

Prayers of Thanksgiving for the life of Raymond Wilks and Michael Crawford; and the birth of Finnley Tegan Luce, daughter of Jessica and Will Luce, and granddaughter of Anita and David Brensinger.

Loving and gracious God, we give you thanks for the gift of life and the gift of love, and for placing in our lives people with whom to share your love, especially those who are celebrating birthdays today and in the coming month: (8/1) Michael Bowden; Erik Curns; Elizabeth Link; Bobby Smith; Rex Wallin; (8/2) Donald Bell; Janet Campbell; Charles Murphy; (8/3) Muriel Chrisman; Kate Dangler; Elizabeth Foster; Mary Griffith; William Preston; Rhys Shaughnessy; John Michael Sullivan; (8/4) William Allen; Sharon Hall; Rory Henderson; Lauren Schwartz; Nettie Silva; Ben Thomas; Kathleen Wilson; (8/5) Forrest Braziel;; Mary Byrne; Leigh Cummings; Sawyer Fleming; William Mangan; Andrea McCarter; David Searles; (8/6) Christopher Durst; John Foster; Dorothy Longley; William Stribling; Susannah Stuckey; Vicki Tucker; (8/7_ Susan Link; Delaney McMullen; (8/8) Jennifer Bartlett; Joan Betts; Gralyn Daily; Terri Johnson; Carol Smith; Lane Smith; Lydia Steentjes; Lever Stewart; Luke Wright; (8/9) Edward Adjei; Olivia Brady; Amil Ferraro; Anna Hammer; John Howkins; Neil Kimball; Addison Palmer; Jackson Palmer; Robert Peery; Diana Rosen; Mason Sell; (8/10) Tressa Bell; Lisa Ediger; Marcia Ernst; Doran Fortune; Peter Landskroener; Joan Lybrook; Ryan Peckham; Debra Vaky; Christine Wilson; Eliza Wilson; (8/11) Charles Braziel; William Creekmuir; Catherine Hasell; Mark Jarvis; Emily Levitt; Frederick Nichols; Jordan Olinger; Andre Touzet; (8/12) Steven Griggs; James O’Brien; (8/13) Sharon Hartley; Marlo Mong; (8/14) Thomas Balch; Diane Greer; Courtney Hamill; Melissa Letzler; Janet O’Brien; Frank Pressly; Madeline Simpson; (8/16) Diane Abbott; Scott Brumbeloe; Geneva Case; Kayleigh Crossan; Eric DeFino; Maurine Dorsey; Alexandra Juneau; Thomas Perry; Thomas Watkins; William Wright; (8/17) Barbara Burns; Minnie Bob Campbell; Max Foley; Martha Lang; Alexandra Menefee; Nancy Moss; Emma Rawley; Jackie Stradley; Sophia Toledo; Scott Voelker; (8/18) WH Caldwell; Kathleen Seay; Julie Skaggs; Joanne Unger; (8/19) Joseph Magaro; Matthew Palmer; Adah Reading; Katherine White; (8/20) Sydney Abney; Kristen Anderson; Sabritt Dozier; Caroline Rose; Scott Seaborn; (8/21) Gillian Adams; John Allen; Jane Brown; Robert Caldwell; George Edwards; Glenn Kidd; Kathie Larkin; David Merkel; Lillian Rose; Marilyn White; (8/22) Stephanie Blomeyer; Grant Heerin; Kelly Makuta; Elaine Morgan; Karla Smith; Lindsay Stewart; Christopher Tosh; (8/23) Marilyn Adjei; Caroline Brumbeloe; James Hickok; Edwin Isakson; Andrew Kaiser; Claudia Morris; George Ray; Tweetie Smith; James Spencer; Peter Stewart; (8/24) John Bacon; Sterrett Campbell; Robert McGee; Phyllis Mitchell; Jackson Smith; (8/25) Wende Cherry; Kailey Clark; Meghan Hamrick; John Howkins; Nicole Johnston; (8/26) Joseph Black; Sherry Gardner; (8/27) Elizabeth Baskin; Melissa Fleming; Deborah Holman; Ruth Homer; Kimberly Thomas; Sabriel van der Grinten; (8/28) Christopher Broyles; Madeline Hamill; (8/29) Jonathan Carter; Clayton Donnelly; Isabel Draper; Gracie-Jane Hillman;  John Stille; Francis Wakefield; (8/30) Ruth Brown; Melissa Freeman; Anne Van Beuningen; (8/31) Yvette Coursey; Joni House; Caroline Keenan; Colleen Keenan; Frances Stille; Alan Toney; Amelia White;