Children's Sunday School

Renee Stephens

Sep 25, 2022 9:00 AM

We are having an awesome time in Sunday School!

Join us Sunday mornings at 9:00 AM in the Parish Hall classrooms. This month we are learning from the book of Daniel with a series called Hear Me Roar! There’s a reason lions are symbols of courage — even their roars (which can be heard up to five miles away) tell us how strong they are! And because of God’s promises, we can be as strong and bold as lions, too.

In this series, kids will learn important truths from the life of Daniel they’ll want to shout (or roar!), like how we don’t have to give up and don’t have to feel alone. Instead, we can keep learning and not be afraid, even when we don’t know the future. Why? Because God is with us!

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Renee Stephens |

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Renee Stephens
Assistant Director of Children’s Ministries

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