Fall Adult Formation

Rev. Ruth Pattison

Oct 24, 2021 9:00 AM

Formation begins at 9 AM. Grab your breakfast and join us either in Inglett Hall or in the conference room by Christ Chapel!

Faith & Fiction

This class examines and discusses elements of faith that we find in fiction, principally in short stories. Using an anthology of short fiction, we read a story each week and discuss the ways in which the author has illuminated meaning for the story and its characters, and what that meaning might be for us in our lives and our own beliefs.

Contact: Sally Parsonson

Abundance and Fruits of the Spirit - led jointly by our clergy

"I bought a slightly rusty farm stand sign. On the original side it said: Potatoes For Sale. But whitewashed a few times over and turned around, it now reads in red letters: SWEET CORN. The quintessential fare in August at the cottage, so what better nostalgic Americana than to post it right there above the kitchen windows? Under that window, in the 1960’s, the four of us somehow fit elbow to elbow on an old organ bench at the dinner table, to roll corn in butter and feast ourselves silly.”

In the season of Pentecost, we live large into the spirituality of fruitfulness, harvest, and God’s bounty. God’s Holy Spirit came at Pentecost, and the Fruits of the Spirit fill us up! They are a way of being, they are the fullness of God within us.

“Love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self-control”. Who wouldn’t want more of these?! And we don’t have to emulate them. These are the bounty of God’s indwelling Spirit, for us to receive in full measure, and to be thankful.

Tomato vines weigh heavy, “Sweet Corn” signs dot the highways and byways, and cucumber sandwiches adorn the Southern table for cool refreshment, as temperatures soar. Feast with us. Delight in God. Indulge yourself as we celebrate the body of Christ gathered. Receive the pleasures of holy bounty, by joining us for Adult Formation.

Contact: Ruth Pattison

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Rev. Ruth Pattison
Associate for Creative Ministries

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