Talking with Friends: Bible Study with Temple Sinai and Holy Innocents


The Rev. Bill Murray

Together with our friends and neighbors from Temple Sinai , we'll be in conversation on the Biblical text that we share, but often view differently. Each night will focus on the themes on the scripture, reflections from Rabbi Ron Segal and Rev. Bill Murray, questions, thoughts, laughter, and hope for the world God calls us to love and share. Our goals are to get to know one another, learn more about our faiths, and seek understanding together.

8/31 @ Temple Sinai
The Fall | Genesis 3:1-24

9/7 @ HIEC
Binding of Isaac | Genesis 22:2-8

9/14 @ Temple Sinai
Passover | Exodus 11-19

9/21 @ HIEC
Suffering Servant | Isaiah 40-55

We are limited to 50 participatnts from HIEC. Please register by August 19, by clicking HERE


The Rev. Bill Murray

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