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CALLING ALL MEMBERS:  In our next directory, we will be publishing cell phone numbers in addition to home phone numbers.  Many people no longer have land lines.  However, if you wish to have your cell phone number unlisted so it will not appear in the directory, please contact Caroline Fleming by June 30!  We will post the directory on the website (password-protected) and also email it to all members to print at home.  

FINANCIAL NEWS as of 6.9.22

If you pledge, you should have received a statement reflecting payments as of May 25, 2022. Thank you to so many who have generously been paying pledges; we hope you will continue throughout the summer!  It makes such a difference through the summer months when regular bills come in and cash flow can be tight.  We have experienced some plumbing issues in the Parish Hall building.  One problem was fixed, but then another was discovered: there is a leak in the main water line leading into the building and it is unfortunately underground.  So, they will have to go under the sidewalk and through the boys’ bathroom tile to repair the problem.  It is not a small project.  VBS is this week, and it has been wonderful to see all the children and volunteers!  Once it is over, we will repair the ceiling in the Narthex because we have not experienced any more leaks with the recent heavy rains.  Any homeowner knows that repairs and upgrades are a part of life!  We are so blessed with this wonderful community and hope you have a great summer and spend time with family and friends.  

Please contact Caroline Fleming with any concerns or questions via email or by calling 404-751-2906.


Thanks to a generous gift from Dan and Susan Faulk in honor of their grandchildren, Holy Innocents’ Episcopal Church will publish a history book of our first 150 years. Sharp readers will recall that Michael Stewart and Missy Rathburn gave a wonderful gift to hire Tammy Galloway as our historian this last year to do the research to generate this work.



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